Narron! Get in here!

How on God’s green earth does Jerry Narron expect to win with a lineup of bench players (Norris Hopper and Juan Castro) while sitting his better hitters?  If he has seven players (Freel, Hamilton, Griffey, Dunn, Encarnacion, Conine and Hatteberg) for 5 slots (1B, 3B, LF, CF, RF) aren’t they getting enough rest as it is?

If it is to make sure that Hopper and Castro feel wanted/welcome/fresh, well, I guess I view it as that’s just too d*mn bad, because the Reds are offensively challenged as it is and Castro hits worse than most pitchers (although he’s fine as a defensive replacement) and Hopper is a nice pinch-running option.

Seeing Narron put an inferior team on the field on any given night just infuriates me.


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