random thoughts as spring training winds down

Eric Milton.  I have to ask what everyone is asking–is he *really* going to be in the rotation over some of these other guys who clearly outperform him?  I’m not so drastic as to recommend that the Reds cut him, but it seems that he could be better used in mop up until he works out whatever problems he has.  Truth be told, it seems to me that the fastball and curveball are coming to hitters without much difference in velocity because he is like batting practice out there.  It’s ugly.

Josh Hamilton.  Are you kidding me?  I just hope that the raised expectations are not so unrealistic that his rough patches become a problem.  Everyone should try to keep a level head and remember that he is a Rule 5 guy who simply does not have a lot of innings under his belt, understanding that his tools are off the charts and that he will make some spectacular plays or timely hits more than some.  Anything useful should be considered a bonus, and it honestly is a crying shame that he doesn’t get regular ABs in AA this year.

Dustin Hermanson.  Ok, if he is really the closer, then why did other teams sniff around him and then refuse to even sign him to a minor league deal?  I worry about this choice–not that the Reds have a lot to pick from, but I think Todd Coffey has looked pretty good and really he was very good (but unlucky with hit rate in the second half) last year.  I don’t see Hermanson lasting past May 31.

Adam Dunn.  How can someone this good go under the radar all spring?  He has been tremendous and could be back on track after going off the rails last season in the second half.  Credit Brook Jacoby, at least in part.


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