Kyle Lohse, 4.2 million dollar man

Not quite Steve Austin territory, but close–for a 5.83 ERA pitcher.

Lohse’s peripheral numbers were a bit better, though–we probably have a 4.50-4.80 ERA pitcher for that money, which is better than Eric Milton, who is still running at $8 mil.

Every week the Reds hope to run out Arroyo, Harang, Milton and Lohse.  #5 is mystery man–maybe Homer Bailey later in the year if he keeps on skyrocketing upward. 

That is a sub .500 rotation, folks, as long as Milton and Lohse are taking regular turns and Bailey is not quite ready–not quite.  Now there is a slight chance that Lohse could go on a roll at some point and provide some wins to go with all those innings, and Bailey could be a rare phenom, but I’m not holding my breath–especially not with the offense as decimated as it is with all the spare parts in the lineup from last year’s version.

Are the Reds currently sitting on their hands and hoping that no one has another offseason injury?  Seems so.



  1. Aaron

    I like Elizardo Ramirez as the #5 and if he has health issues I like Belisle. Those 2 aer better than most teams #5 pitchers. Bailey is a young power pitcher and I think they are doing the right thing by not rushing him. We don’t need to put stress on his arm while he is still physically maturing. I think we have a better rotation than most with Harang and Arroyo at the top of the rotation.

    My worry for the team is in the middle of the lineup. Griffey batting 3rd? Encarnacion batting 4th. Dunn batting 5th. Encarnacion may be the most reliable one of the three, and that should tell you something.

  2. Huevos

    Agree with these comments about the run production issues as well as not rushing Bailey.

    I don’t know about Elizardo. I think the Reds caught lightning in a bottle with him last year–a repeat performance is going to be hard to come by. Belisle–health is key. I think the Reds will kick themselves if Claussen gets healthy and provides some innings in Washington. But c’est la vie, and hey, we know it won’t be Chris Michalak.

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