kudos to Mr. Castellini

When the Reds return and the Padres come to visit, Mr. Castellini is once again going with the half-price tickets and $1 hotdogs to fill the stadium. 

If you want to see playoff baseball in Cincinnati for the first time in 11 years, get off your duffs and get to the park for that series and do what you can to help the team win.

Speaking of–sitting in section 533 yesterday, we had a guy yelling at the top of his lungs all game, and I am pretty sure that the players could hear him because the rest of the stadium was so quiet.  He didn’t yell anything profane or outrageous and he didn’t boo.  He just implored his Reds to perform as best he could, and the rest of us in the section got a kick out of him.  As fans, we can–and should–be more like this guy with the playoff races in full throttle.



  1. jimmydodge@hotmail.com

    i disagree the reds owners have done the right things to win.yes they are in first place the wild card and 1 game behind st.louis for the lead.but look at 15 games the reds lost.instead of using a bunt to move the runners over.let dunn,and jr.swing away.also no pitching coach all season.the probelm of the reds wasn’t address instead signed the manager up for another year.no before the reds wins in oct.take care of the probelms i say.we need another good starter ,and a right handed bat.to help dunn and jr.out the bullpen i watched all season.the reds let some very good pitchers go.if we had a pitching coach maybe watch a flim or two when they were at their best maybe we are in first not going to wal mart seeing with pitcher is the deal of the week.in this off season i hope problems are taken care of new manager and a pitching coach,and a right hand hitter.

  2. Huevos

    Well, the Reds underachieved last year and are overachieving this year, make no mistake. There may be 15 games that the Reds *could* have won and didn’t, but there are also 22 games that the Reds won in the final at-bat, so that is just the swings and roundabouts of baseball. I think the defense–particularly the outfield defense except for Freel–is woeful. But I disagree about the need for RH bats in the lineup–that journeyman lineup is producing at a prodigious pace, with solid OBP numbers in every slot when Aurilia is at SS (except Junior’s OBP is pretty low).

    It isn’t a perfect team by any stretch–I tend to agree about the pitching coach situation and there have been a lot of mix and match in the bullpen usage that makes me cringe. For instance, Rheal Cormier is really a left-handed one-out guy, so leaving him in for an inning at a time puts him in suboptimal situations, which frankly is foolish when the pen has three lefties with Schoeneweis and Bray available. Use Cormier for that one toughest lefty, use Schoeneweis for an inning or so at a time, and let Bray continue to develop in middle innings where it isn’t so high-leverage.

    I’m not a Narron fan, but I don’t see firing the guy. He’s been pretty poor tactically at times, but he has his team playing as hard as they can and he has many of the players having career years. That is what a good manager does, so I do not find much fault with that aspect.

    Krivsky will show us a lot more this winter about whether he can spend wisely. He didn’t get that chance last offseason, and his on-the-fly acquisitions have been mixed. I think the Kearns/Lopez deal was one of the worst in my memory. We shall see going forward.

    But in the meantime, the Reds are playing great ball most nights and they are grinding out a playoff season–at least so far. This west coast trip may well be the deciding factor, so it is going to be a tense couple of weeks.

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